About Us


Our mission is to provide each child with a strong foundation for life-long learning and inspiration to excel through a challenging curriculum focused on academics as well as social-emotional development in a SAFE, NURTURING environment in which children learn through play to thrive in the educational activities provided by a quality care centre.

Kids 24/7 will in principle act in loco parentis meaning “in lieu of parent supervision” and for this reason our Child Care Providers have been carefully selected from a pool of dedicated trained personnel with a sincere passion for child development to ensure that the primary infant education forms a strong foundation on which a powerful base of childhood education is constructed. Our educators possess a stern knowledge base of the cognitive, physical and social development requirement of children which further enhances intellectual and spiritual growth. Pre-school development remains an integral part of the early sculpting of intellectual stability and quality care during these years will have a huge impact on the future successes of children. Early intellectual stimulation would ensure significant advancement in terms of vocabulary and reading skills throughout their school career. Children participating in such head start activities gain independence, academic achievement, and socialization through interaction with peers and teachers alike whilst mastering new skills, doing homework and making new friends.

To provide peace of mind to busy moms and dads – we ensure that our teachers have extensive training in first aid practices to avoid little miss-haps turning into family crisis.

Afford us the opportunity to mould your most cherished possessions into tomorrow’s leaders.

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